On feast days, Samson was led up from the cells by a boy and made to stand alone and be mocked and jeered by the Philistines crowds. Later, he was led out to stand between two stone pillars to be jeered at by the crowd.

Samson prayed to the Lord to restore his strength to avenge the Philistines who made him blind. With all his might, he spread his arms wide to reach the two central pillars on which the temple stood, and cried out to the Lord that he might die with the Philistines. The pillars cracked and crumbled and the prison house collapsed, killing Samson and 3000 Philistine onlookers.

Samson’s brother and his family collected his body and buried him beside his father.

Though Samson’s lustful desire had led him to his downfall, but he repented before the lord and his strength was restored., God was still able to use the mistakes Samson made to accomplish his desired will.

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