At his wedding feast, thirty young Philistine men accepted his challenge to answer his riddle within seven days. Samson promised to give the winner thirty linen garments and thirty sets of clothes.

Samson asked them to explain the meaning of the riddle :”Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet,.using the word “eater” and “strong”, Samson had meant the lion and by the word “sweet” he was referring to the honey.

The Philistines was puzzled and could not solve his riddle for days. On the seventh days, they threatened Samson’s bride. She wept and pestered Samson to tell her the answer. She passed the answer on to her Philistine young countrymen.

When they told Samson the right answer, he was furious, he knew who had given them the answer, he flew into such a rage that he went out and killed thirty Philistines, stripped away their clothing and gave to those who had answered his riddle. He had made himself unclean by stripping the clothing from the dead bodies.

Samson was angry with his Philistine’s wife who had betrayed him, so he returned to live in his father’s house.

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