After the flood, Noah together with his wife and children Shem, Ham and Japeth and their wives prepared to leave the ark. God reminded Noah to take every thing with him and everything that he may need to breed and multiply on earth. God desired to see the earth filled again with people, animals and crops.

So Noah, with his family and all the other creatures left the ark and stepped upon the land once more. Noah loved God, so the first thing he did was to make an altar to God and offer up a prayer of thanks. God was pleased with what Noah did. He promised that he would never send such a terrible flood over the earth again.

God promised that there would be proper time for seeding and harvesting, for cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night on the earth.

A beautiful rainbow appeared across the sky. God told Noah that whenever a rainbow was seen in the sky, it would be a reminder of his promise to Noah and all others on earth.

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