Jesus diciples anointed the sick with oil.

The elders of the church are to anoint the sick with oil for healing.

The power of faith brings healing, not the oil.

The oil is a symbol of the work of the Holy Spirit in healing.

The oil is a symbol of dedication and consecration to God.


When we participate in Holy Communion, we proclaim what the Lord has done through His death. We are demonstrating outwardly an inward faith.

The wine or juice represents Christ’s blood that was shed to cleanse us from sin and to provide salvation to our spirits.

The bread represents His body that was broken to provide for our healing.

We must partake in a worthy manner, discerning His body because we are healed by His stripes.

Communion unites the Church, the body of Christ.

The bread also represents the one body of Christ.

The body of Christ is one, although it includes people from different cultures, lifestyles, languages and tribes.

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