We have seen that words, whether spoken or written, can have mighty effect for both good or evil. We have experienced times when words have been a source of encouragement that gives us hope to go on. They may be words that others have spoken to us or we may have spoken to them ourselves.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that it is also very possible, by their own words, to have a strongly negative impact upon themselves and others. By doing this they are actually pronouncing curses upon themselves.

Self Imposed Curses

Example 1 – through Rebekah and Jacob as can be seen in Genesis 27:12-13

And in Genesis 27:46

Rebekah pronounced 2 curses upon herself (self imposed curses):-

She said she was weary of her life and asked what the good was of living – she felt she might as well die.

  • How many of us have pronounced such a curse on ourselves by saying “I wish I were dead. What is the use of living! I am not going to make it”
  • We no need to say something like this very often. This is like an open invitation to the spirit of death and we don’t have to give Satan many invitations; he will come in.
  • There are many people who have been delivered from the spirit of death. One of the many ways it enters, is through our own pronouncement. You don’t have to be old to receive spirit of death. In one meeting in Northern Ireland, 50 out of 2000 people were being delivered out from spirit of death and most of them- young.

Let us see how it work:-

  • Hopelessness come in, and you say something like, “It’s no good living. What’s life got to offer me? I might as well be dead.”
  • [This is really a pronouncement of death you made on your self]
  • You may say – “But I didn’t really mean it” but see what Matthew 12:36-37 says.

Conclusion : Mean it or not, whatever you have said, you are accountable to it. It does not minimize or cancel the effect of your words. It does not release you from your accountability. You may be upset or discouraged and say something like that without realizing its significance yet you could well be settling your own destiny.

Example 2 – Trial of Jesus by Pontius Pilate (See Matthew 27:24-25)

You may not understand the history of Jewish people over the last 19 centuries until you see that one major factor in it is this self-imposed curse which goes from generation to generation.

Only God knows how much persecution and suffering of the Jews can be traced back to this source “His blood be upon us and upon our children.”

Conclusion: We have seen how God provided protection for Jacob and his descendants – the Jewish people – from all who would seek to put a curse on them. However, there is one kind of curse which even God could not protect His people – the curse they pronounced on themselves.

Unscriptural Covenants

In Exodus 23:32:

When the Israelites were about to enter the promised land, God warned them against wicked, idolatrous nations that were there, “You shall make no covenant with them nor with their gods.”

Very loosely (to define) COVENANT :- A mutual agreement of two or more persons or parties, or one of the stipulations in such an agreement.

A covenant is the most solemn and powerful form of relationship into which a person can enter. What are the covenants you have made that comes to your mind right now?

Satan is well aware of the ‘powerful’ relationship which comes from covenant made. As such, he exploits covenant relationships of his own making in order to gain strongest possible control people.

So, if you make a covenant with people who are under the power of evil forces, then you come under the influence of that same power. This is particular true of secret societies.

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