Our prayer should be complete:

  • 12 specific scriptural ways to pray
  • Praise – to praise His nature, to think about who God is and to say it.
  • To exalt His Name and to honor Him with words.
  • Waiting – Be quiet and focus on God
  • Confession – To allow God to cleanse our temple of sin by admitting that we are wrong.
  • Scripture praying – to take passages of scripture and bring them into our prayer .
  • Watching – being alert – to take a few minutes to think about what we should pray for, things that the Holy Spirit will bring to our mind.
  • Intercession – to pray for others to fight spiritual battles for others by taking their needs before God, or by standing against satan on their behalf.
  • Petition – to bring our own needs before God in prayer, both material and physical
  • Thanksgiving – expressing gratitude in prayer- to thank HIM for what HE has done for us.
  • Singing – making melody in prayer
  • Meditation – another quiet type of prayer – to think of God, His ways and His words
  • Listening : this is to hear God – to hear Him speaking to us about things we need to do that very day.
  • Praise – End prayer with a time of rejoicing in who God is and His faithfulness in responding to our prayers.

Also pray with: