We have sinned, but God loves us and Christ died for us. God loves us and wants Jesus Christ to become the Lord in our life. If we receive Him then we are saved.

Christians seem to agree that God’s plan of salvation from the penalty of sin is a wonderful thing. However, though salvation is wonderful, the Lordship of Christ to some christians is something else, in actual fact, many do not make Christ Lord in their lives.

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is that in the case of a Christian, the flesh is doomed to die, but in the case of an unsaved, the flesh lives on.

Definitely, satan doesn’t want the unsaved to become Christians and neither does he want the Christian to allow Jesus Christ to be their Lord either.

Satan knows if the unsaved are not won to Christ, they will bear the penalty of sin; and if the Christian does not practice the Lordship of Christ, he will definitely not be able to have victory over the power of sin and death. He will have an ineffective testimony and therefore becoming a hindrance to bringing others to Christ. Scripture tells us that if God’s people walk right before God, having good testimony, then only the unsaved will believe and turn to Christ.

We need to invite Jesus to come into our lives, and be Lord over every aspect of our lives, then only the Holy Spirit will start to move in our lives.

Self will keep Jesus Christ from being our Lord, just as sin will keep us from going to heaven. We have to get rid of our self-centeredness and instead be Christ-centeredness. Self will lead us to sin but the Lordship of Christ will lead us to righteousness.

The difference between the Christian and the non-Christian is basically for a Christian, the flesh is doomed to die, and in the case of an unsaved, the flesh will live on. When we accepted Christ, our flesh will be nailed onto the cross.

The Spirit of God will help us to crucify our flesh. He will expose our pride, jealously, unforgiveness, wrong motives, gluttony, wrong attitudes, morals, and behavior. God lets man have a free choice on earth to say “Yes” or “No” to the Holy Spirit as He points these things out to us. If we fail to deal with our flesh here while we are still on earth , then it will be dealt with at the Judgment Seat of Christ. On Judgement Day.

To die to self, we have to agree with God, bring them to Calvary, make restitution and walk in the spirit only.

When Jesus comes again, the unsaved will no longer be able to receive Christ, and the Christian will no longer have the choice of walking in self-will again

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