A disciple is the one who will follow Jesus, and put Jesus first in their life, regardless of everything. As we live more in the light of who God is and in His words, confusions, tensions, perplexities and doubts will start to fade. Although some difficult circumstances may remain, we can trust that God is in control and experience real inner peace and joy.

God has given us many privileges as His followers but we also have certain responsibilities to shoulder. God wants us to thank Him for all He has done for us and obey Him when He shows us His way. We ought to obey God’s will. We have to put Him first and live for Him rather than ourselves.

Though following Jesus mean struggle and trials, but it also means the privilege of resting in Jesus. When you put Jesus, His will and His work first in your life, you will begin to fully experience God’s love and care because He has promised to provide all your daily needs.

The Lord will give us the strength and courage we need if we look to Him and do as He requires.

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