At anytime and at any place, when a person obeys the gospel, he becomes a Christian, exactly like people were in the first century. The Lord will add people today to His church, just as He did in the first century. These saved people must then work and worship in a faithful local church.

Jesus is Head over all things in the church. Each local church must work to appoint several elders who must possess certain qualifications to guide the local church in obeying God’s word. Each elder oversee only one local church where he has been appointed.

Jesus built one church, and the Bible tells us what it should be like. Today there are many different denominations. Is God pleased by their existence? Jesus is the only head of His church. It has no man-made laws or any headquarters on the earth.

There is one God and one Father. We should be one as the Father and Son are one. There should be no divisions among us. There is only one true God. In the same way, there is only one true body and only one true faith. God is not the author of confusion but a God of order. We must strive to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

We purify our souls in obeying the word of God. Whatever a man sows, that is what he will reap. We are born again by God’s word which last forever. “The seed is the word of God”. God’s creations, including the church, reproduce by means of seed. When men hear the gospel with receptive hearts, they will believe and obey. As a result, they are “born again” into God’s family, the church.

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