God created a beautiful world, and His plan is for man to serve and worship Him. However, this plan has been spoiled by everyone from Adam and Eve until you and me. We have all rebelled against God, choosing to live as we want to, without Him. The Bible calls this sin. This sin brings chaos and disaster to the world.

We deserve to suffer the consequence of our sin and rejection of God, which is to be rejected by God forever. However, God loves the world, you and me, so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, who was also God, to share our life and hardships. But, unlike us, Jesus did not sin. In fact, God’s anger for our rebellion fell on Jesus, who was perfectly innocent.

Jesus was punished instead of us and died an agonizing death. The Bible tells us that when He was crucified, He took our sinfulness into Himself. Jesus did not stay dead though, God raised Him from the dead and He appeared to many on earth before God took Him up to sit on His right side.

Jesus’s life, death and resurrection opened up the way for us to have a restored relationship with God.

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