Sickness entered into the world as a result of the fall. When mankind fell into sin , all good things God created were distorted.

If we believe that Jesus Christ came to the world to redeem mankind from sin, then it follows that His redemption also removed the curse of sin.

Through Adam’s transgression, sin, death and all that produce death came through Him. Sickness causes death. The devil is the author of sickness and death.

When Jesus made atonement for human sins, He made salvation available to all. Similarly, when He atoned for man’s sickness, He made healing available to all.

People are healed on the mutual faith of the preacher and the one who received based on the word of God preached. We must be convinced that it is God’s will to heal us.

Jesus has the power to heal and to forgive. Jesus first forgave the person’s sins. Then He healed the man.

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