While the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee by boat, Jesus fell asleep. A great storm arose, and the disciples panicked. In desperation, they awoke Jesus saying: “Teacher, why not you care because we are perishing?” He got up and calmly rebuked the wind and the sea. The storm ceased. He then turned to the disciples and reproved them for their lack of faith.

When Jesus got out of the boat, a wild man met Him. The man, possessed by thousands of demons, could not be subdued by human force, and so he lived as a savage among the tombs. The demons within the man were scared of Jesus. They asked Him not to send them to the abyss. Instead, they wanted to be able to enter into a nearby herd of swine. Jesus granted the demons’ request, so they left the man and entered the pigs. The herd went berserk because of the presence of the demons within them, ran headlong and plunged off the cliff and were drowned in the sea. The pigs were all drowned and presumably the demons had to return to the abyss.

Meanwhile, those who had been tending the hogs went into the city and told the townsfolk about what Jesus had done. What a tremendous opportunity for this small town to have Jesus present! They didn’t look at it as an opportunity though; they asked Jesus to leave. The man who had been healed wanted to follow Jesus, but He told him to return to his home and start preaching. Jesus preferred was for the man to testify of His work in the city.

A synagogue official named Jairus requested Jesus to come and heal his daughter who was dying. As Jesus was journeying to his house, a woman in the multitude desperately touched Him. She had been bleeding for 12 years, had seen many doctors, spent all of her money, but her condition grew worse. She thought that by touching Jesus she could be healed. Sure enough, when she touched Jesus’ clothing, she could sense that the flow of blood in her body immediately dried up and she was healed. Suddenly, Jesus asked who had touched Him. The disciples thought it was a strange question since there was a huge crowd thronging around Jesus because many had “touched” Him. But the woman knew what Jesus meant. Terrified, she came forward and confessed. Jesus reassured her saying that her faith had made her healed.

During the delay caused by the healing of the woman, people came to tell Jairus not to bother Jesus any longer because his daughter had died. Jesus told them to believe and He continued on His journey to Jairus’s house. There, the mourners laughed at Him when Jesus told them that the girl was just “sleeping.” He wasn’t denying the reality of her death, but was affirming that He would soon raise her; therefore, her death was more like sleep. He took only three disciples and the girl’s parents, went into her room, and told her to get up. She did. The crowd were astounded.

Jesus had traveled to a predominantly Gentile area. Before this, almost all of His work had been done with Jews. He had healed Jews; His apostles were Jews; and He preached to Jews. Jesus wanted to have some time alone with the apostles, so He withdrew to a Gentile region north of Galilee.

A Syrian woman found out He was there and came requesting Him to heal her demon-possessed daughter. At first, Jesus refused. He said that it was not good to take bread (healings and blessings in general) from the children and feed it to the dogs. What he meant was that according to God’s plan it wasn’t time yet to heal and teach the Gentiles; the Jews were the ones God intended to be the recipients of the bread (healings and blessings ) first. God planned that later on through the Jewish people the gospel would be introduced to the Gentiles. This woman showed great faith and humility by responding that even the dogs under the table get to eat the crumbs. She implied that just a mere crumb of Jesus’ miraculous power would be sufficient to heal her daughter. Because of her faith, Jesus healed her daughter.

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