Physical death is not the greatest threat to a person. Spiritual death is more horrible, it means absolute and eternal separation from a loving God. God’s judgment of spiritual death is a consequence of our sin. However, Jesus carried our sins and took the judgment on Himself so that those who trust in Him need not fear any more judgment.

The love that God showers upon us is beyond understanding. It is not mere friendship, affection or loyalty. Not even the deepest love between 2 human beings but it is‘agape ’ love the sacrificial love of God who gives Himself completely to save His creation, man.

We often feel guilty about what we have done. The truth is that our sin has separated us from God and disrupted our consciences and this is the cause of our feelings of guilt. If we trust in the Lord, Jesus will carry our guilt on our behalf and we can be forgiven for all that we have done to displease God. Then, we will no longer be separated from God and we will be free from guilt.

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