Most of us know how important prayer is, but we do not put into practice what we know to be important. What are the power of prayers:-

  • Prayer has the capacity to change the world
  • Prayer has the capacity to change the church
  • Prayer has the capacity to change the individual

Matthew 9:38 is the only solution Jesus Christ ever gave His disciples for the problems of world evangelization.

Prayer is essential because it creates a climate of unity in the church. Increased prayer leads to increased unity.

Sometimes we are so busy for God that we don’t take time to be with God. It is impossible to grow to our potential in Jesus without prayer (Jude 20).

If we do not pray, we can not grow. If we do not pray, the church will not unite, and if the church does not unite, we cannot change the world, so prayer is the heart of it all.

The primary goal of prayer is to know Jesus more. How can we develop an intimate knowledge of God apart from prayer ? In order to know someone, you must spend time with that person.

Also pray with: