John Wesley says:

“God does nothing apart from prayer and everything through it.”

When we pray, it is calling to God in time of need. It is to say; “God, I need You.” It is asking God for His power and blessings that we might have our needs met.


1. When Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal. The prophets cried louder and louder to their gods asking them to respond with supernatural fire, but there was no respond. However, Elijah prayer of only 26 words released God’s Power from heaven and brought down the supernatural fire.

2. When King Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the chariots of the enemy, we see the power of prayer ( Petitioning God) released God’s strength from heaven.

3. Prayer of intercession – The example of Samuel the prophet.

Prayer is entering partnership with God to remove satanic obstacles, this is called the law of spiritual authority. When we take authority on earth, God releases power in heaven.

Prayer is:

God, I need You

Satan, I bind you

Jesus, I love You

Holy Spirit, I hear You

Also pray with: