Narcotics and drugs are major instruments of the devil’s power today. All these drugs bring nothing but misery, heartache and suffering to every life they touch.

People take drugs because they have been promised a thrill or a ‘kick’, which is an exciting experience. Initially it is, but soon the thrill is gone and they have to use more dosage or stronger drugs, until finally they are trapped, getting in deeper and deeper each day.

At first, what the devil’s promise of ‘good’ seems to come true, but the whole thing rapidly becomes a horrible nightmare. What started as a ‘kick’ leads to all sorts of evil lies, theft, robbery, prostitution, lust, murder, kidnap, fight, violence, quarrel and many other crimes.

You can imagine how the devil will mock and scorn to see these victims totally under his control. You can look into the tortured faces and tormented eyes of these drug addicts and know that they are demon possessed.

Drugs take control of the mind and spirit which allow the devil to move in and give him a free hand to possess and control the person entire being. These addicts will find themselves in the grip of something which they cannot break away themselves. It is a spirit.!!!

That is why there is no medical cure for addiction. Addicts need to be delivered and set free from the demonic power of the devil. There is no other cure.

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