The word Bible means book. It contains 66 books, but all with one theme. God compiled this book for a period of 1500 years – from 1400 B.C. to A.D. 100. There were 40 authors, including shepherds, fishermen, warriors, priests, prophets, kings, physician, scholar and a cupbearer.

The BIBLE is God’s infallible word. It is inspired by GOD. The BIBLE is our rule and guide for living. The BIBLE is GOD’s thoughts. GOD and His word are one, GOD does not change, nor does His word. The scripture, as GOD’s written word, is perfect. God’s Word offers solutions for all life’s problems.

GOD’s Word has power. It causes spiritual growth. It makes us disciples of Jesus and set us free when we know it. It produces faith. It changes our thinking and causes a transformation in our lives. God’s words supplies everything you need for spiritual life and development as a Christian.

GOD’s word contains promises for everything we need. GOD speaks to us through His Word. He also works in our hearts and minds through His Word.

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