The Deity Of Jesus

Jesus existed as God the Son long before He was born of the Virgin Mary.

Jesus was fathered by GOD and born of a virgin.

Jesus is more than a good man, a prophet or a leader. He was, is and always will be : the eternal Son of God.

God Himself took on flesh

Jesus deity is the central truth of Christianity.

The Mission Of Jesus

Jesus had come to earth because humankind had become separated from God and was in a fallen, sinful state. As humans, we were totally incapable of redeeming ourselves. Christianity is God reaching down to humans.

God created humans in His own image. He made them pure and holy. He gave them the freedom to choose.

Sin separated humans from GOD

  • Adam and Eve died spiritually when they rebelled against God’s Word
  • Adam and Eve’s sin affected the whole world.
  • We live in a fallen world.
  • Humankind is separated from God
  • God created humans to have fellowship with Him. But sin and rebellion
  • separated us from GOD. So GOD decoded to make a way to restore that relationship.

Jesus came to earth to give His life as a sacrifice for humanity, so that He could bring us to GOD.

The only way to be saved from spiritual death is to be in Christ. We must trust JESUS to forgive our sin and rescue us from our fallen state.

GOD laid our sins on JESUS. He died on the cross as our substitute so that we might go free.

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