David possessed a marked degree of passion for God. His flesh and heart cried out for the living God. The Psalms he wrote revealed his passion for the Lord.

Apostle Paul was an outstanding example of the man who was dominated by the passion for Christ. Paul might easily have become hard, critical and bitter in the stress of controversial conflict, but his passion for Christ kept him from doing that.

Mary of Bethany and the Magdalene knew something of that priceless relationship with our Lord. It was Mary’s devotion to Christ that led her instinctively to do the thing that pleased the Lord. In contrast to her love is the remark from his disciples who would have satisfied if the ointment had been sold for 300 pence and gave to the needy.

There is reward for the obedient followers, there is power and authority for the faithful followers, there will be glorious achievements for the zealous followers.

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