Why do we worship?

1. Because He is our creator. He is worthy of our worship because of His transcendence, uniqueness and holiness.

2. For what He has done for us. He created us, and saved us, so we worship Him.

3. To obey the will of our heavenly Father. The Father is seeking for true worshippers to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. ( John 4:23 )

4. To bless and Honor the Lord. We worship to please Him but not to enjoy the emotion or because it makes us feel good.

5. Because we Love Him.

6. Because of His death, resurrection and soon coming.

7. To draw near to Him to seek His presence. “Come into His presence with songs of joy………Enter His gates with rejoicing and into His courts with praise; be thankful unto him, and bless his name. ( Psalm 100 : 2-4 )

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