The Devil will always point to you, while the Holy Spirit will always point to Jesus. The power of ego will either lift you up in pride or tear you down in depression and frustration.

The power of humility will lift up Jesus and your brothers in the Lord.

The Devil doesn’t want us to see him, he loves and uses his disguise very well. He is interested in distracting us from our mission, he wants to hinder our loving and living by Christ in faith and obedience.

Satan will always draw a hopeless and disparaging picture for us. He will frustrate and confuse the issues. He will put life constantly out of our reach. Our selfish needs will never be totally satisfied. Satan will have us blame God for holding out on us. Satan will hide himself until he can kill us – and then he will reveal himself to us – then it will be too late. Jesus made it clear that we are not to be deceived. We need council, we need fellowship, we need leadership, we need to follow God’s word and obey Him.

We are all deceived to the degree we submit to the “self-centered” life. I pray that we will see the work of Satan behind the confusion, the frustration, the depression and the death. I pray that we will walk in the light as He is in the light.

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