There are three important reasons for the Tabernacle and the religious rituals:

  • The Tabernacle helped to unify the people of Israel. It was in the centre of the camp. The tabernacle represented the covenant with God because the Ark of Covenant was inside it. Inside the Ark of Covenant were the tablets of stone, with the 10 commandments written on it.
  • The Tabernacle taught Israel a spiritual message. The Israelites had to learn about holiness, i.e. to be set apart, to be treated with respect. That which is holy is special and separate.

What is holiness? It implies separate out for God’s service. Holy thing and Holy people are those objects and people set aside for God’s use. In the tabernacle the various pots and pans and utensils were holy, not because there were made of gold but because they were to be used in the service of God only, vessels of honor.

God says to us, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

The holiness of God emcompasses all his attributes. The splendor of his glory, the majestic serenity, the awesome purity, the divine power, the expressible beauty, the limitless knowledge, the escapable presence, the

unfathomable wisdom, that incorruptible justice, that boundless love, that inexhaustible grace.

When God calls us to be holy, His is asking us to manifest his character in the world, to reflect his person in our soul and our lifestyles.

The tabernacle was a “type” of Christ.

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