Jesus had taken three of His closest disciples with Him to a high mountain. There, he began to glow with breathtaking brilliance. Then, Elijah and Moses appeared, talking with Jesus. The disciples were awestruck. Moses was the great Lawgiver, the one who had led Israel out of Egyptian bondage and through the wilderness. Elijah was a great prophet who went up to heaven without dying. And there they were talking to Jesus.

Peter was profoundly moved by what happened and suggested that they build three tabernacles: one for Jesus, one for Moses and one for Elijah. No doubt he felt that it would honor Jesus to receive a tabernacle alongside Moses and Elijah. But God’s voice sounded from heaven: This is My beloved Son, listen to Him. Moses and Elijah disappeared. Only Jesus remained. As they descended, Jesus told the disciples not to tell anyone about what had happened until after He was raised from the dead.

God’s rebuff of Peter’s suggestion to construct three tabernacles. The problem with Peter’s plan was that it put Jesus on the same level as Moses and Elijah. He isn’t. Jesus is above everyone–in this case, above the greatest figures of the Old Testament era. Our problem is just like Peter’s. We often tend to build multiple tabernacles. One for Jesus and one for our parents. Or one for Jesus and another for our pastor, for our church, or for a favorite activity. This won’t do. Jesus must have the only tabernacle; He must be the supreme authority in our life. Nothing else can be on a par with Him.

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