Who is your ENEMY?
1. God of this world
2. Prince of Power of the Air
3. Destroyer of Life
4. Deceiver
5. Liar

What did your ENEMY do?
1. Stole life of man Death came
2. Destroyed fellowship man has with God
3. Stole the right & authority of man to rule

How does your ENEMY deceive the whole world?
Through his LIES – how does he lie? Say opposite of what God says

What does our BIBLE say about WAR?
From beginning to the end – WAR! There was war in heaven. There was war on earth in the Garden of Eden. God declared war! Your God Himself is a man of war (Exodus 15:3)

a. So, if the Lord your God is a man of war, wont you think you are too in the war – as an army of God in this war?
b. What if you refuse to go to war?
c. So, do you have a choice?

Are you qualified to go to war?
- God will teach you how to war
- You are not alone

Qualifications/Conditions to be an army of God
1. Come out of darkness and born into the Kingdom of God
2. Become sons of God
3. Has nothing of the ENEMY in him
4. Must live by the Spirit of God
5. Must have FAITH
6. Must know your ENEMY
7. Has submitted yourself to God and His Lordship
8. Must be fully clothed with armor of God
9. Has POWER & AUTHORITY from God
10. Must be OBEDIENT to the WORD of God
11. Must KNOW the Word of God
12. Must KNOW the Power of God
13. Must HAVE the RIGHT spiritual weapons of war
14. Must be an OVERCOMER
15. Must KNOW your God

Victory of war is sure

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