Jesus commanded Baptism for believers. The apostles commanded believers to be baptized. Baptism is for those who believed. Baptism is the outward demonstration of an inward faith.

In Baptism, the believers identifies with Christ. When someone is baptized, he demonstrates what Christ did for him in his death, burial and resurrection. He die to sin. He is buried like Christ, He is raised in the power of the Spirit. When he is baptized, he declare that he is a new creature in Christ.

Baptism is an immersion in water for believers. Since baptism symbolizes a burial, we do not sprinkle with water, but completely immerse the person. When a dead person is buried they are placed completely under the ground. It is the same with baptism in water. Through water baptism, the believer declares that his old life of sin is dead and he has a new life with Christ.

Baptism declare a person’s faith in Christ. We do not baptize infants. In order to be baptized, a person must make a conscious decision to follow Christ. A child must be old enough to understand that decision in order to make it.

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