• To deliver us from judgement
  • To show us the love of God
  • To make forgiveness possible
  • To bring us back to God
  • To release the healing power of God
  • To overcome the power of evil
  • To rescue us from death
  • To give us resurrection power

Sickness and pain were never part of God’s original plan for man. They are not part of His future plan either. On the cross, Jesus entered into our suffering and pain and rescued us from both the power and the effects of sin and sickness.

The power of darkness threatens to engulf mankind. Satan is the prince of darkness and he tries to keep people spiritually blind as far as god is concerned. However, on the cross, Jesus confronted every power of evil and satan himself, through His death and resurrection, He overthrew them completely.

Apart from God, we are spiritual weaklings. We do not have the ability to handle ourselves all the situations we face everyday. But, God wants to put into our lives the same power by which He raised Jesus from the dead.

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