One of the greatest stories in the Bible regarding relationships is the story of David & Jonathan, another one is the story of Saul and David. When we think of not wronging each other Jonathan’s story is a claassical example. How did he do it?.He is an example as far as the Spirit-filled life is concerned.

Fellowship breaks down when people are not at peace with each other. It might be through jealousy, envy, pride, misunderstanding, ego and many other reasons. This will eventually spoil your fellowship with the other party, as a Christian, we should repent of it.

When we look at Saul and David relationship, we know that it is Saul’s rivalry with David. How did this rivalry started? Was it justified by the flesh? Can it happen in a Spirit filled life? No. What is the outcome of this sins of rivalry? From the Bible, we know that Saul was mad and threw his spears at David.

In our daily life, when things didn’t work out the way we thought they should be. If we surrender the whole situation to Him, we will find out that He worked things out far better and it was also for our own good. Sometimes it has taken years for us to realize it.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Roman 8:28)

If we are suspicious of each other, it can also cause our relationship to break down as well. Judging people’s motives and attitudes without any proof or evidence will lead to many problems. It is the scheme of the devil, we can be discerning but not be suspicious.

King Saul became suspicious and was jealous of David when he heard the song in the streets. Enemy always put thoughts in our mind to deceive and confuse us, it is his strategy to defeat us. We have to be aware of him, always renew our mind just as Romans 12:2 tells us, this can be done through the studying and meditation of God’s Word everyday.

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