The Bible says that neither the sun by day nor the moon by night shall smite those that belong to You and that You do preserve the going out and the coming in of all those that love You.

I commit and commend the journey that I am going to travel into Your loving hands.

Grant me a safe and mercy journey, Lord. Cover me with the blood with Jesus, and deliver me from the hand of the evil ones, protect me from all those who want to stand up against me, and let me be aware of what is ahead of me.

Keep me in such a way that nothing that is not of Your delight will cross my path. Cover my vehicle and the road I travel with the blood of Jesus. I take authority and dominion over all animals and demons on the road so they will not cross my path. Dispatch angels ahead to protect me, Lord.

Thank You, Lord for being my vanguard and rearguard to protect me from all harm and danger.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray.

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