Help ________________ to have a steady walk with You, seeking to follow You with a faithful heart. Teach _________________ to walk in God’s will everyday, to be different from the

world by his/her faith. Lord, transform him/her as he/she learn more about You.

Help him/her to know Your will and help him/her to grow closer to You day by day. Teach him/her not to follow the behaviours and patterns of this world but to be transformed into a new person. Change the way he/she thinks. Lord, help him/her to have the mind of Christ in all situations.

Make him/her to have a strong desire to study your word , let your words become the lamp unto his/her feet and the light unto his/her path. Lord, transform _____________ into your likeness as he/she seeks to follow You. Let him/her knows your good, pleasing, and perfect will in his life.

Also pray with: