You are a compassionate God, have mercy on _______________.

Thank You that You will be good to ______________ and Your love towards ______________ will endure forever.

In Jesus’ Name, we bind and break every curse and evil report spoken against __________ by himself/herself or the doctor or others. We declare that all these curses have no power over his/her life in Jesus’ Name.

Forgive _____________ for not obeying Your commandments.

Thank You that ______________ has confessed his/her sins. Please forgive _____________ of all his sins and iniquities, wash his sins away with the precious blood of Jesus.

Thank You that according to James 5: 14-16 You have made ___________ well, You will raise her/him up.

Thank You that Your healing power is flowing through every cell, tissue and organ of her/his body right now, causing every organ, system, nerves and tissues in his/her body to function perfectly.

Thank You that Jesus has borne his/her sicknesses and carried away all his/her diseases and we declare that by His wounds, _____________ has been healed.

Thank You Lord, in the Name Of Jesus, we pray.

Also pray with: