Thank you, Lord for Pastor________________. I pray that he/she will walk humbly with You, seeking Your will and direction in all things. I pray that his/her heart will be strong in the midst of trials and afflictions and will learn and grow through every circumstance and that he/she will give God glory for every victory.

I pray that Pastor ___________ will influence every person he/she meet for good and that he/she will be a shinning withness in his/her own personal life for the Lord Jesus Christ. Let he/she maintain a steady, consistent walk with You and that he/she will not be swayed by unscriptural teachings. I pray that his/her character will combine the strength and gentleness of the Lord.

I pray that Pastor _________ will receive God’s direction for the church, and he will be sensitive to the needs of the congregation, lead his sheep and feed his flock. Let the wisdom of God flow through Pastor ____________ as he deal with his members’ problems.

Lord, protect Pastor ____________from the pressure of this sinful, negative and antagonistic spirits that he/she may encounter during counselling. Build a hedge of protection around Pastor _______________, protect him from the snares of the enemy.

Lord, I pray that You will bring people into Pastor ______________ life to whom he/she can be accountable to, and that God will continue to cultivate those relationships.

I pray for the full armour of God to be over Pastor ____________ and let no weapon formed against Pastor _________ will prosper and that he/she will not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, and the enemy will not gain advantage over him/her.

I pray for Pastor ___________ to receive a new anointing from the Lord to preach. I pray for the Word Of God to come alive as he/she preach, let the word preached be able to convict and grip the heart of everyone that is not right with God and bring forth a repentant heart.

In the Name Of Jesus I pray, Amen

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