Let the Holy Spirit convict __________ of sin, and of righteousness and of judgement. Give __________ a true repentant heart, give him/her grace and strength to repent before You. Blot out all his/her sins. And let ___________ be able to believe on You, refreshing himself/herself in Your presence, seeking Your face, turning from his/her sins.

Because of what You have done, Lord, You have ended ___________’s bondage. Thank You, Lord for breaking the yoke off _____________ neck and make ____________ return to You to seek Your blessings. Forgive his/her sins, heal him/her and deliver him/her from all kinds of temptations.

Thank You, Lord for drawing ____________ to Yourself and raise him/her up in this day. Let Your light shine in __________ heart, to give him the knowledge of Your Glory in Christ Jesus.

Thank You, Lord that _____________ was lost but is now found. He has repented and is now believing the gospel and now the kingdom of God has come to him/her. The gospel is no more hidden to ________; his/her mind is no longer blinded, for the light of Your gospel, Christ, is shining on him/her.

I declare that ___________ is now a new creature in Christ; his/her old ways have passed from him/her and all things in his/her life have become new in Your ways.

In Jesus Name, I Pray. Amen

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