I resolve to seek you throughout this year, and acknowledge you in all my ways. As the Bible assures us that you shall abide with me always and will not leave me alone, help me to keep your presence with me day and night.

All through the year, help me to do such things that please you only. Over the past years, I led a life of indifference in regard to my spiritual life. I purpose in my heart that throughout this year, I will be mindful of my spiritual life.

Lord, give me a heart to fear You, to hunger for your words, to tremble at Your words and a longing to worship you day and night. Help me to be able to show myself a pattern of good works in all things. Help me not to do things that displease You.

Lord, The Bible says that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I shall not touch anything that may defile my body. Led me not into temptation but deliver me from all evil. Grant me grace to live a life of holiness to glorify Your name. Shower upon me and my family members this year with all kinds of spiritual blessings and earthy blessings.


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