You are born again , you are now a new creature in Christ. You are like an infant or baby who needs to begin to grow into maturity.

The milk referred to the word of God ( Bible ). We need to read the bible regularly, meditate on it and obey it. This is the basic for Christian growth and maturity. Without reading the Bible, we will stay as spiritual babies and never grow.

As Christian, we need to set aside time to read God’s word every day, in fact, we should not let a day go by without reading some of the pages in the Bible.

You can start reading the gospel of John in the New Testament. Read at least 1 or 2 chapters a day. Before you start to read, pray that God will reveal to you more about Himself as you read and what He wants you to do for Him. Remember to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus for protection before you start reading.

As you read, you ask yourself, ‘What is God saying to me ? ’

Remember to obey what he says to you. After reading the gospel of John, re-read it or go on to read the rest of the New Testament before you start to read the Old Testament.

Also pray with: