Almighty Lord, Jesus seems to have done so much for ____________. Open _________eyes and show __________ the truth. I ask for Your forgiveness for all that ____________ have done that is wrong in your sight. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die on the cross so that _____________ sins can be forgiven.

We are so glad that You raised Jesus from the dead and that He is alive today. Make Jesus Lord over ______________ life today. Please come into _____________ life right now so that he may be made anew.

Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer, please help _____________ to live the rest of his life with the help and power of the Holy Spirit.

Make _____________ want to live as Your disciple. Help him and strengthen Him as he seek to do so. Help ____________ to place You first in his life and in everything that he is doing.

Thank you for the faith that You have given him, to enable him to become one of your children. Help his faith to grow so that he might serve you fruitfully and effectively.

In Jesus Name I pray.


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