Abram was a good man, he looked after his cattle and sheep. One day, God asked Abram to move to a new land which he had found for him. There, Abram would become the father of a great nation. Abram did not believe, because he was already very old, seventy five years old and had no children. However, he obeyed God and moved to the land of Canaan.

As the years passed, Abram prospered and God changed his name to Abraham. Abraham was already 100 years old when his wife, Sarah gave birth to a baby boy named Issac. Abraham loved Issac dearly and God decided to use this boy to test his loyalty to him.

God wanted Abraham to send Issac to the mountain and built an altar there upon which Issac was to be sacrificed. Abraham obeyed and did what God wanted.

Just as Abraham was to sacrifice his son, an angel appeared and asked Abraham to spare his son and used a ram with its horns stuck in the bushes as a sacrifice instead.

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