A Prayer For An Expectant Mother

If you are an expectant mother needing a prayer for protection and safe delivery of your unborn child, here’s a sample prayer on a mother to be you can follow. Pray it everyday as many times as possible.

Lord, You know very well the mental state and the physical condition of an expectant mother. I trust that you will sympathize with me, as you understand my condition and what I am going through. Remove all my fears and fill me with your joy and peace.

Lord, Keep me from miscarriage and let me bring forth a healthy baby to glorify your name. Protect me from any complication of vomiting, nausea, anaemia, excessive salt level, high sugar level and swelling of the leg during this period of conceiving.

Lord, you have predetermined the hour of my delivery, grant me a safe delivery. Only you can help me at the time of delivery, bless me with a smooth delivery at the hospital which is fully equipped with all up to date facilities. Keep me from the danger of having delivery during the journey or at any unknown place.

I consecrate my child which is in my womb to You. Fill my child in my womb now with the Holy Spirit and let the child be fully developed and perfectly healthy abounding with joy. Lord, I trust that you will hearken my prayer and grant me my heart desires.

In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen

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