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Christian Prayer Samples | Prayer Examples

Why Should We Pray

Prayer On A Mother To Be

Prayers Lord’s Work

Abide In Christ Always

Deliverance From Lustful Desires

Parents Prayers For Child

Prayer For The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

Putting On The Full Armour Of God

Prayers For Confession And Renouncing Occult Activity

Protection Prayers

The Power Of The Lord’s Supper

Training Our Eyes




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Prayers For Binding Evil

Prayers For Healing Memories


Pray For God To Transform Us Into His Likeness

Prayer For The New Year

Prayer Of Protection For Your Children

Prayer For Compatibility In Marriage

Sinner’s Prayer

Before Reading Bible And Spiritual Books

I Take Authority Over You

Prayer Asking For Grace

Prayer For The Thirst Of God’s Word

Prayer For Mother Tormented By Their Rebellious Children

Prayer For An Expectant Mother


Prayer To Be Prospered

Prayer For Pastor

Prayer For The Lost

Prayer For A Blessed Married

Prayer For Compatibility In Marriage 2

Prayer Of Transformation

The Origin Of The Devil

Show Us The Truth

Reading God”s Word

Prayer 1

Prayer 2

What Is Your Plan For My Life?

A Prayer For Travelling

Prayer For Strength

Prayer For Strength 2

Prayer For Expectant Mother

Prayer For Healing

Prayer For Lost Item

Prayer For Cancer Patients

Worship Prayers

Prayer For Self-control

Prayer Of Hope And Encouragement

Worship Prayers 2

祷告文 1

祷告文 2

祷告文 3

祷告文 4

祷告文 5

Baptism Prayer

Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Deliverance From Lustful Desires










Prayer Of Gratitude


祷告文 1

祷告文 2

祷告文 3

祷告文 4

祷告文 5

祷告文 6




A Holy Spirit Strengthened Samson

Samson Fell In Love

The Clever Riddle Of Samson

The Spirit Of Lord Left Samson

Samson’s Great Strength

The Great Flood That Drown All Living Things

The Boyhood Of Samuel

Bible Story Of Adam And Eve 1

Bible Story Of Adam And Eve 2

Baby In A Basket Bible Story

Moses The Leader

Jesus Walked On Water

Elijah And The Widow

The Rainbow

Abraham And Issac



Generational Sin And Healing

Entering Into His Rest

Binding Evil

Healing Memories

The Occult

Verses For Times Of Temptation

To Be Set Free

How To Plead The Blood Of Jesus For Deliverance And Protection

Scriptural Grounds For Pleading The Blood Of Jesus

Saved And Surrendered

How To Plead The Blood Of Jesus For Protection

How To Plead The Blood Of Jesus For Deliverance

Occult Inventory

Can A Christian Watch Horror Movies Or Movies With Occult Content?

Spiritual Maturity

Clearing The Atmosphere Before Praying

Where Did I Come From?

The War, Satan And You







Whose Servant Are You?

The Importance Of Worship

The Power Of Deception

The Schemes Of Satan

What Is Worship

The Purpose Of Worship

The Ministry Of Music

Blessings Of Obedience

Self – Denial

Spirit Of Jezebel Recognise It!

Obedience – The Key To Knowlng God’s Will

What Is Sickness?

Blessings For Obedience

Spiritual Stronghold

Rebellion Is An Open Door To Demonic Bondage


Verses For Time Of Temptation

Heart Of Justice

Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer

Attributes Of God

Fasting & Praying

Attributes Of The Devil

Spirit Of Divinition

Spirit Of Jealousy

Perverse Spirit

Lying Spirit

Power Of Prayer 3

Spirit Of Haughtiness

Spirit Of Heaviness

Dumb And Deaf Spirit

Develop A Daily Prayer Time

Seducing Spirit

Spirit Of Bondage

Spirit Of Fear

Spirit Of Infirmity

Spirit Of Whoredoms

5 Keys To Effective Prayer

Spirit Anti-christ

Spirit Of Error

The Bible

The Trinity

Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Anointing With Oil

Heaven And Hell

The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit

Salvation By Grace Through Faith

The Mission Of Jesus

Water Baptism

God’s Plan

Laying On Of Hands

Gods Forgiveness

Physical Death

What Did Jesus Do For Us?

Making Decision

Water Baptism 2

Quiet Place

Disciple Of Jesus

Quiet Time

Are Sick To Be Healed?

Praying For Your Children

Healing In The Atonement

How Can The Word Of God Do

Prayers Not Answered

A Praying Parent

Testimonies Of An Answered Prayer

Fellowship With One Another

Why Should We Pray

How To Study The Bible

The Atonement Of Christ On The Cross

The Grace Of God

The Mercy Of God’s Healing

The Passion For Christ

Depart From Me I Never Knew You

Will The Evil Spirit Leave The Body

Methods Of Praying

How To Forgive?

The Addiction Of Narcotic Drugs

Definition Of The Old Testament

Why Should A Christian Read The Old Testament?

How To Build Up A Family That God Delights?

The Important Of History In The Old Testament

Old Testament


The Tabernacle Worship

New Testament




Child Of God

The Church Of Christ

As A Member Of The Church


Curse To Blessing

How To Glorify God

We Are Saved To Serve

Christ’s Body Of Servants

罪孽的清单 1

罪孽的清单 2

罪孽的清单 3


Faith And Obedience

Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit


The Zacchaeus

From Jacob To Israel

Prophecy And Miracles

Miracles Performed By Jesus


God’s Church

Why Should We Make Jesus The Lord Of Our Life?

罪孽的清单 4

罪孽的清单 5

The Transformation Of Jesus

To Die To Self

Acceptable And Unacceptable Worship

Worship In Vain

Worship Is Not For Entertainment

Worshipping God In Truth

Coming Back To The Lord

To Have The Image Of God’s Son

Singing In Worship

Teach Us To Pray

The Lord’s Supper

Die To Self

How Bad Is Sin

The Greatest And The Smallest

Wronging Each Other

Man Has A Problem With Sin

Repentance Is Essential To Salvation

What Is Repentance?

The Characteristics Of God

The Nature Of God