The Power Of The Lord’s Supper

God’s word declares that the life of a person or an animal is in its blood ( Leviticus 17:14 ). The life of Jesus is in His flesh and blood (John 6:53). The same life flowing from the Father to the Son is released from the Son to us when we eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus (John 6:54,57). To abide in Jesus is to remain in unity with HIM, in unity with HIS spirit, in unity with HIS nature, in unity with HIS love, in unity with HIS power (John 6:56).

The greatest inheritance that Jesus left the church is in Communion. It is the cross of Calvary that heals sicknesses. We can live in divine health because of the power of the blood of Jesus. The power of His blood causes tremendous miracles.

Communion is a link that unites heaven to earth. Communion is the means by which the Lord imparts His nature and His power into our spirits. As we drink in His blood, the light of His Life fills our veins. As we allow the blood of Christ to fill our spirits with light, we are creating the same connection with the supernatural that occurred when Jesus was raised from the dead.

When we receive Jesus as our Saviour, our spirit is united with the Spirit of the Lord. Taking the flesh and the blood of Jesus will cause us to remain in unity with Him. This allows His life to flow into us and through us without any hindrance (1 Corinthians 6:17). The blood of Jesus is not dead or dried up but is active and living today. It is spirit-blood.

The life of Jesus is imparted to us every time we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink of His blood whenever we celebrate the Lord’s Supper ( Matthew 26:26-28, 1 Corinthians 10:16 ). We are commanded to celebrate the Lord’s supper as often as we can, whenever we drink from the cup of thanksgiving (1 Corinthians 11:25, Acts 2: 46 ). When you take in the blood of Jesus into your spirit, you become so filled with His life that no demon can stand near you.

In John 6, Jesus says ‘My flesh is real food, and My blood is real drink.’ It makes sense that we will grow weak and even sick without the proper nourishment for our spirit. By drinking His blood and eating His flesh, we will become filled with His life and His light which drives out any affliction. The blood of Christ is life and it is light that is visible in the spiritual world.

Darkness is the absence of light; it is the realm of the devil. When we drink the blood of Jesus, His light runs through our veins and fills us with light. This light will become a fearful adversary for the devil. This is what overcomes the devil. The power that breaks the chains that sets the captives free is in the blood.

When we take the bread of Communion, we are eating the very bread of heaven and the bread of life. This bread is broken for us as we contemplate His broken body. We are feeding our spirits as we do this. Partaking of His blood and His flesh leads to a deeper knowledge of God. His life penetrates our spirit, filling our spirit then overflow to transform our soul and flood every cell of our body.

The power of His resurrection is at work in us, transforming us at every level to His likeness. Every pore of our body starts to exude the power of forgiveness. People start to forgive one another. As we drink of the blood of Christ, we start to love one another with that kind of sacrificial love. Communion is transformative.

When we take Communion, we must allow ourselves to be invaded by the blood of Jesus. This blood fills you and becomes one with your blood. It will then scorch any demon that comes against you. Communion is not a ritual or a memorial. It is a deliberate act of drinking the blood in our spirits. As we drink the fruit of vine, our spirits drink the blood of Jesus. That is our true nourishment, and we should not try to live without it.

As we participate in Communion daily, sins we have struggled with for years just drop off. Communion is our vitamin, our medicine and our remedy. Take the remedy and be healed.

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